I have had the good fortune to be a part of many rewarding projects.


The Bare Electric 

est. 2009| Tucson, AZ | Vocals, Guitar, Beats & Production

The Bare Electric is not so much a band as it is a musical collective composed of aspiring musicians, producers and artists. Formed in fall of 2009 by Tucson locals Philip Miller and Bryce Montgomery, and later joined by Gabe Hostetler in spring of 2010. The Bare Electric creates music of a cosmic variety, freely picking from a number of genres to fashion an alluring brand of Psychedelic Hip Space Rock Hop. Membership is open to any and all honorable musicians, permanent or passing, who share a desire to traverse the trials of everyday life on an interstellar soundwave.



est. 2004 | Tucson, AZ | Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Legend spoke of a band, rising from the desert, that would play the songs that inspired the greats of old. That might be this band.

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est. 2012 | Earth | All music & production

Any other music I create I do so under this moniker.