Hoplite Boba Fett, artwork by Aaron McConnell.

Hoplite Boba Fett, artwork by Aaron McConnell.


I majored in Ancient Greek and Latin languages and literature at Kenyon College and am forever indebted to the passionate instruction of Professors Caroline Hahnemann and Adam Serfass. The philosophical ideas of the classical period are timeless and should be reexamined and analyzed by each generation, if only to respark intellectual debate. Why don't you question everything you are told?

I seek to blend a love for literature and history with an interest in future technologies and pop culture to offer new problem solving perspectives and analysis. I am also interested in the arts of organization, on all levels, and productivity, hoping to discover new ways for people and teams to accomplish meaningful work in the future.  

A society is improved when it's leaders are upright, conscionable, and in possession of a critical mind.

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  • Animating the Platonic dialogues
  • A History of the Clone Wars (in the style of Thucydides)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Recording an Audiobook from Home
  • ...
A man should be upright, not kept upright
— Marcus Aurelius