Music Services

I completed the Master Recording Program II at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona where I learned analog and digital recording and mixing skills. After that I interned for several months with top mastering engineer Howie Weinberg at his studio in Laurel Canyon and engineered in Los Angeles for 4 years, where I recorded, mixed, mastered, or otherwise worked with bands such as We Stand Apart, Tribe, From the Sun, and In the Stars.

I can record your band, mix your songs, master your album, or partner with you in the creative process. I can also make beats for you, if that's more your style.

I'm open to any and all creative inquiries. I especially enjoy working with people who are recording for the first time.

I am proficient with Pro Tools, Reason, Garageband, and Audacity. 




If you have a reference let me know and I can try to match the vibe.




I work predominantly on rock-oriented music as well as some hip hop and more experimental music.



Songrwriting & New Projects

Let's talk about your next project and how we can work together. I am always open to new ideas and creative endeavors.